Many Minds

– The human mind is falsely held to a higher standard than other minds. The living universe has countless minds whether it be from a fish, a dog, a chimpanzee, or a human. The mind is present in all, consciousness is present, what we fail at is establishing the human mind to be a special formulation. Giordano Bruno wrote that worlds “have no less virtue nor a nature different to that of our earth”, our minds all carry a common thread.
– Evolution has allowed our mind to be present and for the time that we are alive, it has served well for the survival of our species. What seems to be the case is that a lot of the animals with a brain/nervous system on earth demonstrate a sort of consciousness and awareness. The degree of which varies amongst animals.
– The human mind is not the center of the universe or the earth for that matter but instead we one many permutations.

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