Functioning Human Consciousness

Is it conceivable that your everyday person has what I call a “Functioning Human Consciousness”. This term may refer to the level of consciousness that this person has. But you would ask how can we have different levels of consciousness?

Think of a baby, around the age of 7 months. Could it not be possible that this young human has a consciousness that falls lower on the spectrum of adult functioning consciousness?

Could an animal such as a dog or a dolphin have a level of consciousness that is not as “aware” as our own but is still experiencing consciousness? Would we not have the ethical and moral responsability to take care of such life since we are able to perceive our own and their consciousness?

But even if most humans possess a functioning human consciousness, there must be a common denominator for this consciousness. Could the following properties be some of the underlying common properties of FHC?
1. Self Awareness
2. Awareness of other beings’ awareness

More info to come later

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